The upcoming Architecture Weeks will bring together over 180 activities worldwide from May 14 to June 28. Designed to celebrate, experience, and learn about architecture, the seven-week program offers a diverse array of events for all ages and interests. This year, 74 organizations and 12 universities have joined forces to provide an engaging lineup of exhibitions, competitions, awards, panel discussions, guided tours, parties, and much more, spanning all districts.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage with architecture in an interactive and exciting way, often in conjunction with other disciplines such as music and dance. Access to unique buildings and special weekend architecture festivals in different districts further enhances the experience.

Expanding beyond city limits, 102 educational institutions from the metropolitan area will participate in an architectural program within their classrooms. The program is inclusive, designed to cater to seniors, students, young adults, families, and children, ensuring there is something for everyone.

International Competition to Transform City Walls
On May 30, an international idea competition for young architects will be launched. The challenge? To reimagine the transformation of ten median walls—one in each district. These walls, typically built as dividers between buildings, often remain exposed and are not intended as external facades. As such, they frequently exhibit deficiencies in thermal and structural integrity. The transformation of these ten walls is scheduled to be completed by 2026, leaving a lasting legacy from Barcelona as the World Capital of Architecture in 2026.

This initiative not only aims to beautify the city but also addresses practical urban problems, turning overlooked spaces into showcases of architectural innovation and creativity.