At the I/O 2024 developer conference, Google unveiled a plethora of new AI functionalities and possibilities, impacting nearly every aspect of the company. For those still unaware of Google’s full commitment to AI, this event made it abundantly clear. Android, as a direct interface to end-users, plays a crucial role and is now equipped with several practical features.

Android Phones Get a Boost with More AI

Pixel phones are already among the smartest on the market, thanks to their AI features. Google aims to integrate artificial intelligence into almost every app and function. This includes creating new possibilities and significantly improving existing solutions. Here are the key announcements:

Gemini Nano Listens In

Google already offers AI features for its Phone app, allowing users to have calls screened by the Assistant before they decide to engage. It also warns users about spam calls. Taking this a step further, Gemini Nano will listen in during calls and provide immediate alerts if it detects a scam attempt.

For instance, if a scammer posing as your bank representative calls and asks you to do something a legitimate bank never would, the AI will intervene. Your phone will notify you that the call is likely a scam, helping you avoid falling victim to fraud.

Gemini Nano will operate directly on the device, minimizing the need for a constant internet connection. It can process images, sound, and speech, and is expected to greatly enhance accessibility features on phones.

Circle to Search Revolutionizes Homework Help

Homework can be a daunting task, especially when you’re stuck on a problem with no assistance in sight. This is where Circle to Search comes into play. Soon, you’ll be able to circle a problem, and Google will not only provide the answer but also explain the steps to arrive at that solution.

With these innovations, Google is positioning itself at the forefront of AI integration in everyday technology, making life easier and more secure for users around the world.