The Galaxy S24 Ultra seems to be continuing the trend of evolution in smartphone design, with Samsung taking cues from Apple’s design language. There’s a sense of déjà vu as Samsung seemingly adopts elements reminiscent of Apple’s iPhone 15 series for their upcoming flagship. The leaked renders hint at a brushed titanium frame for the S24 Ultra, drawing parallels to the aesthetic seen in the iPhone 15 Pro.

One notable change is the shift towards more professional-looking colors, echoing the palette employed in the iPhone 14 Pro series. It’s intriguing to see Samsung embracing a matte gray finish, reportedly referred to as “gold” according to Ice Universe, a prominent tipster.

In terms of the display, the Galaxy S24 Ultra appears to depart from Samsung’s usual curved screens, opting for a flatter premium flagship display. While subtle curves are present on the glass edges, the display itself appears entirely flat—a significant departure from previous models.

Additionally, the symmetrical bezels on the S24 Ultra mark a departure from Samsung’s traditional design approach. This move, a first for their premium flagship line, aligns with a trend already seen in the vanilla Galaxy S22 models.

The melding of design elements from Apple’s recent iPhones with Samsung’s flagship is an interesting shift. It reflects a trend towards a more uniform, polished appearance in smartphones, where subtle yet significant changes contribute to an evolving visual identity. While this Samsung-Apple fusion in design may not appeal universally, it certainly introduces an intriguing chapter in the ongoing evolution of smartphone aesthetics.