Tbilisi: Russian President justifies ethnic cleansing and covers terrorism
08/08/2011 09:29

"It is alarming that the President of Russia again cynically justifies ethnic cleansing, military aggression, occupation carried out by the Russian Federation in August 2008", and "it is also very dangerous that Medvedev considers the aggression against Georgia a lesson for other countries". These were comments made by spokesperson of the President of Georgia Manana Manjgaladze on an interview of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that the latter gave to radio station Ekho Moskvy.

Manjgaladze also noted that Medvedev's tone "more resembled vocabulary of the Cold War times" and she said that "it is sad that Medvedev did not refrain from insulting friends of Georgia and the U.S. Senate". She stressed that in his interview the Russian president openly declared that Moscow had no intention to investigate and look for organizers of terrorist attacks in Georgia, while Russian involvement in the series of terrorist attacks of last autumn were supported by significant evidence.

The spokesperson of the Georgian president said that Tbilisi "is ready for talks with Russia and establishment of normal relations, but only in case of respectful attitude of the official Moscow towards Georgia, Georgian people, its will, freedom, fundamental rights and of rejection of futile attempts to restore the Soviet empire ".

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