Medvedev and Putin are playing a "Georgian card"
05/08/2011 12:26

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that "at present there is neither legal nor factual basis for uniting South Ossetia with Russia". Medvedev told this to reporters of Ekho Moskvy, TV channel Russia Today and First Caucasian channel of Georgia (PIC) when commenting on views expressed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. According to the latter "accession of South Ossetia to Russia depends on Ossetian people".

"Today there is neither legal nor factual basis for uniting South and North Ossetia and their joining to Russia. That's why I signed a decree recognizing the independence of this territory, "- said Medvedev and noted that this concerns the current situation and that he does not know what will happen in the future.

It should be noted that both Mr Medvedev and Mr Putin are now in pre-election period. Both are trying to please their voters. And the only thing to Medvedev to do is to make statements that slightly differ from statements of Putin, as he already is in shadow and he has no support in the society, despite his attempts to pass for a liberal politician. Today no one in the Russian political reality takes Medvedev seriously as a political figure, respectively, his statements are worth nothing.

As for Putin's opinion, it has a definite message for Tskhinvali separatists, as well as the international community, and it implies that "South Ossetia is an independent country, and it will determine its future itself. Russia does not interfere in internal affairs of South Ossetia. If Ossetians in Tskhinvali want to join Russia let them hold a referendum".

Of course, there is no doubt that this statement of Putin is another bluff as the Tskhinvali and Abkhazia regimes are completely dependant on the will of Putin. Although it should be noted that in respect of Abkhazia there are certain oppositions from the society while those few remaining residents of Tskhinvali region do not have their own opinion and indeed no one is asking them anything either.

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