Medvedev called the U.S. Senate senile old men?
05/08/2011 10:40

Dmitry Medvedev followed in the footsteps of Vladimir Putin and used abusive language towards the United States. The Russian president did it when commenting on resolution S.RES.175 adopted by the U.S. Senate and which formalizes the status of Abkhazia and "South Ossetia" as regions "occupied by the Russian Federation" thus stating support of the U.S for the territorial integrity of Georgia.

In particular, Medvedev said that "these formulations of the Senate have no base. They reflect preferences of individual older members of the Senate, who, because of subjective reasons, sympathize with those or other people". At the same time the Russian president stressed that the U.S. Senate is "of no concern" to him and "their formulations do not bother him ".

It should be noted that at the vote in Washington "preferences of individual older members of the Senate" were adopted unanimously. Preparation of the resolution lasted about a year. The draft document was presented to the Senate by 56-year-old Republican senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (Lindsey Graham) and 64-year-old Democrat senator of New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen (Jeanne Shaheen) who are co-chairs of the Atlantic Council Task Force on Georgia in Washington.

Medvedev made his comments in an interview with Russian television channel Russia Today, the Georgian TV channel PIC and Russian radio station Ekho Moskvi. The interview has not yet been aired but excerpts from it are being actively quoted in the Russian press.

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