Ankvab gets Bagapsh's legacy
04/08/2011 10:34

Abkhazian "vice president" Ankvab continues to mobilize public and political resources on which late "president" Sergei Bagapsh relied. Following the party United Abkhazia support for Ankvab in the upcoming August 26th "elections" of a new head of the puppet regime was expressed by Union of Veterans of the Abkhazian War of 1992-1993 Amtsakhara.

The statement of the organization noted that Amtsakhara has always supported a candidate for whom "the main thing was not power but interests of the state, its security and prosperity." Representatives of the union of veterans see Ankvab as "wise, honest, courageous and responsible politician, a man who can unite people" but also "smart and principled politician" who "accepts populism and does not give empty promises" and "is able to continue what has been started so well in years past."

Thus the main rival of Alexander Ankvab - Abkhazian "prime minister" Sergei Shamba, has no perspective at all to add authority of the veterans to his pre-election assets. Since the second organization of Abkhazian veterans "Aruaa" supports the third "presidential" candidate in the occupied region - Raul Khajimba.

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