Sergei Shamba got confused in values
03/08/2011 13:29

A candidate for "president" of Abkhazia Sergei Shamba decided to "make the country a young European developed state." However, he shudders at the mere mention of words "to restore order". As the candidate himself stated at a meeting with voters in Tkvarcheli the word "order" in the European consciousness is associated with German fascism and Soviet Stalinism.

"We stand for the rule of law and democracy. But when I hear that they want to bring "order" to Abkhazia it makes me very depressed. There are words that have already been discredited in history. The word "order" in the European consciousness is associated with German fascism and Soviet Stalinism ", - said Shamba and spoke out against the authoritarian regime that is bringing order with use of force". Does Shamba realize in this case how masters in Russia will look on this – in Russia where restoring order through use of force is an everyday occurrence?

Shamba himself hardly understands what democracy is, as the candidate had to experience it only during brief visits to European countries. He evaluates democracy as "Apsuara" + current tendencies. Given the fact that the concept of "Apsuara" exists only in the Nart epic, and in reality just few people understand and know what it is, and current tendencies do not leave space for implementation of even a theoretical understanding of "Apsuara", it becomes clear that Shamba simply got confused between the desire to show the world his pursuit of democratic values (which is beneficial in terms of relations with the west) and desire to pass for a bigger Abkhazian than Abkhazians themselves (Shamba has Kabardian roots).

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