"Communism" lives on in Abkhazia
03/08/2011 13:08

"Soft on the surface, but hard as steel inside" – this is the way Sergei Shamba was described by his confidant Givi Gabnia at the meeting with voters of Tkvarcheli. The meeting was held on August 2nd.

At the meeting, trustees of Shamba were advertising their candidate as much as they could. And they could only do it in the light of the Soviet party establishment. Words of representative of the Sergei Shamba electoral headquarters Ruslan Khojava to voters showed this:

"We welcome you, residents of the City-Hero Tkuarchal, who despite unbearable heat and employment have gathered in this room to support our candidate, well- known in Abkhazia outstanding statesman and public figure, active participant and leader of the national liberation movement of Abkhazia - Sergey Mironavich Shamba ".

It has been a long time since such speeches were heard on the post-Soviet space. They can be seen only in books about "Great October Revolution" and formation of the Leninist-Stalinist Soviet Union. And be heard in Abkhazia. After all, it seems nothing has changed there since then.

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