Relationship with Vanuatu is still discussed in Abkhazia
22/06/2011 09:45

Abkhazian "foreign minister" Maxim Gvinjia said that Georgia forced the Vanuatu Government to cancel recognition of the Abkhazian "independence." He says that the island nation came under the influence of Tbilisi and Georgia's western partners that frustrated the efforts of the Sukhumi diplomacy.

However, new Minister of Foreign Affairs of the islanders Joe Natuman practically ruled out participation of the Abkhaz side in this issue and associated it only with Russia and wrote it off as the initiative of former Prime Minister of Vanuatu Sato Kliman, authority of whom local supreme court ruled illegitimate.

"The issue (of recognition) of Abkhazia appeared out of nowhere - said Natuman on June 21st live on the Radio Australia. It has not come from the parliament. I do not know how it will be with our Russian friends, but we still maintain relations with Russia". Meanwhile, an article appeared in the Vanuatu with speaking title "Abkhazia. We will not support ethnic cleansing and foreign occupation. "

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