Russia begins the second phase of annexation of Abkhazia
21/06/2011 14:36
Irakli Tskitishvili
Experts's Club

Moscow and Sukhumi have decided to significantly increase the occupation troops in Abkhazia. According to "Life News", the head of Russian Ministry of Defence and commander of the Abkhazian armed formations held a meeting on security of Olympic Games in Sochi and increase of the occupation forces in connection with this.

According to the agreement, it is planned to increase the Russian military contingent up to 3,500 by 2013. Whereas, according to the Russian side, currently there are 1,500 troops stationed in occupied Abkhazia. A reason for this was named deterioration of the situation in the Gali district of Abkhazia.

It should be noted that no serious deterioration of the situation in the Gali district was observed. And if from time to time it happens, it is only the fault of improper fulfilment of their duties by the occupation troops of Russia. The subject is used by the Russian side as an excuse to justify increase of the number of troops, first of all, for the European observers, and secondly - for residents of Abkhazia. On one hand, the increase of the contingent is due to preparations for the Olympics, and this would have happened anyway, regardless of whether the situation along the line of occupation is bad or not.

In addition, the occupation troops which are to be introduced there under the pretext of ensuring security of the Olympics will have other tasks. It should be noted that invasion of the territory of Abkhazia by Russian servicemen itself will have a lot of pressure on future leaders of the Abkhazian regime. More so that today when the Abkhazian society awaits "elections" and electoral processes have not yet moved into an active phase.

We must stress here that we will probably see a large corps of Russian officers of retirement age in the increased contingent of occupation troops who, following the Olympics and their retirement will be able to demand a plot of land in Abkhazia based on the agreement between Sukhumi and Moscow.

Given the above, the decision to increase the occupation troops is fully included in the plans of Moscow to put down roots deep in the occupied territories, to carry out the complete isolation of Abkhazia from the rest of Georgia, after which their actions will go into the third phase - further strengthening of the rule in the occupied territories, which involves seizing the reins of inner-political governance, replacement of the Abkhazian ruling elite with "Russian specialists", active Russification of the local population and integration of Abkhazians into the Russian political and economic space. As a result, the Abkhazians will be "dispersed " all over huge Russia, while the territory of Abkhazia, like Sochi, will become an ordinary Russian province.

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