Occupants deny accusations of terrorism
07/06/2011 10:03

Valery Pukhaev said he was not involved in the attempt to carry out a terrorist act near NATO liaison office in Tbilisi. Pukhaev who is a chief of so-called "police" in occupied Akhalgori. He is one of three persons involved in yesterday's controversial case. We should remind that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia detained Georgian citizen Badri Gogiashvili, who was carrying a bomb. On questioning, he indicated Valeri Pukhaev as one of those who had ordered the attack. The detainee stated that Pukhaev and his subordinate Vladimir Kibilov and commander of the Russian border forces stationed in Akhalgori Aleksei Sokolov ordered him to carry out an explosion in Tbilisi. They promised to pay Gogiashvili 2000 dollars.

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