Khajimba doubts Shamba-Ankvab alliance
06/06/2011 14:59

Leader of the Abkhazian opposition Khajimba predicts "interesting" and "difficult struggle" in the "presidential" elections of the occupied Abkhazia, which should take place in the 3-month period after the death of the head of the puppet regime Sergei Bagapsh. This was stated by chairman of the party of Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia in an interview to the Russian internet publication

Khajimba said that "bureaucratic resources" and "financial capacity" of two favourites (acting "President" Alexander Ankvab and" prime minister" Sergei Shamba) will certainly serve to their emergence as winners. But it does not mean that everything will be smooth in this situation. "

As it was noted by the leader FNUA, in Abkhazia "there is a lot of talk about the possibility of creating a coalition "between Ankvab and Shamba, but "each of them is already an experienced politician" and" everything will depend on number of people, the electorate, which will be unite under each of these politicians."

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