Khajimba has not yet decided to run for Abkhazian "presidency"
06/06/2011 14:27

The leader of the Abkhazian opposition Khajimba has not decided whether he will stand for election "president" of the occupied Abkhazia, which should be in the 3-month period after the death of the head of the puppet regime Sergei Bagapsh. This was stated by party chairman of the party Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia in an interview to the Russian network edition« ».

"As soon as the parliament decides on a date and all other necessary things for the beginning of the campaign, then we will decide - Khajimba said. It is early to talk about it ... We'll see, it all depends on state of things in the political aspect. "

He believes that "today the situation is a little bit different" than in 2010, and "there are certain attitudes in the opposition parties and the government itself." According to Raul Khajimba, it all depends on ability of "building relations when it comes to the opposition forces."

The leader of FNUA ruled out an alliance with the leader of the Party of Economic Development of Abkhazia Beslan Butba" as the latter does not have any opposition views today, "and he positions himself as a centrist." According to Khajimba, "there are other forces" which "are not really active, but they are quite significant and can affect state of affairs of election campaign".

However, Khajimba avoids talking "about any unifying processes" as "if a situation is not advantageous and it will not promote interests of the opposition, then how can one participate in elections at all?"

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