Abkhazians added pebbles to Circassian graves for free
25/05/2011 12:47

The Abkhazian leadership wound up cooperation with the Russian state corporation Olympstroi, which prepares the infrastructure for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014. This was stated by "prime minister" of the puppet regime Sergei Shamba. In an interview with the Kommersant newspaper, he said that the Abkhazian side "is temporarily not cooperating" with Russia due to non-compliance with financial commitments by the latter.

When asked about big plans of Sukhumi on development of inert materials for the Olympic construction, Shamba said that their delivery from Abkhazia "has been carried out for a while, but unfortunately, it is now stopped" as Olympstroi did not pay the Abkhazian suppliers. "People did not get anything - he said - even a Belgian vessel which was hired for transportation of inert materials to Sochi, has not been paid."

Sergei Shamba acknowledged that at this stage Abkhazians did not benefit from the Olympic construction, though they used to pin great hopes on it. He expressed hope that the Russian side "will still honour its obligations" and "the situation will change." At that the Abkhazian "prime minister" once again suggested Russia to use the Sukhumi airport - which, according to Shamba, is "practically ready to operate" - as a backup airport for Sochi to receive Olympic guests. However, he did not say how to overcome Tbilisi's ban on flights to Sukhumi, supported by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

It should be noted that the Olympic facilities in Sochi are built in areas of mass graves of Circassians, genocide of whom was officially recognized by Georgia on May 20th. Circassian organizations in Russia and the Circassian diaspora around the world are asking to stop construction on the bones of the Circassians, and not to hold the Olympics on the place of the genocide.

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