Occupants detained an underage Georgia near Ossetian village of Gromi
12/11/2010 17:20

Occupants detained an underage Georgian with no identity card near Ossetian village of Gromi.

According to Ossetian news agencies a teenager who was not named is a resident of the neighbouring Georgian village of Mejvriskhevi. He entered a territory of the Gromi territory. Russians handed the teenager over to so-called Ossetian security service and he was transferred to Tskhinvali. The detained Alexi Khuroshvili is fifteen years old and he often walked to village plots that are situated near the border with the village of Gromi.

During the last week Russian so-called border guards detained three citizens of Georgia on charges of illegal crossing of the so-called border. Additionally, up to ten Georgian citizens that are accused of illegal crossing of the so-called border still remain in the Tskhinvali jail. The Ossetian side insists on the exchange of detainees on the basis of principle "all for all" which is not acceptable for the Georgian side as many ethnic Ossetians who had been arrested prior to the August war, among them are those responsible for the Gori terrorist act, are serving their sentences in Georgian prisons.

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