Moscow is trying to remove the most sensible Abkhazian politician
23/09/2010 10:21

Today, in early hours shots were fired at a house in the Abkhazian village of Lykhny of the Gudauta district where Vice President Alexander Ankvab lives. The official was wounded by shrapnel in the arm and leg.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia, shots were fired around 3am Moscow time. No one else was injured. The Vice president received necessary medical assistance at home. He refused to go to hospital.

This is the fourth attack on Alexander Ankvab. The last time his jeep came under fire from a grenade launcher. Ankvab got contusion and was wounded by shrapnel in the back.

According to the president of the Club of Experts Levan Kiknadze, most likely the attack was carried out by Russian security services, which have long been trying to remove Ankvab.

"Ankvab is one of the most real candidates for the post of leader of Abkhazia in future elections. He has the most sober view of the plight that Abkhazians find themselves in as a result of Russian colonial policy. Ankvab was one of the most prominent leaders in the Abkhaz political elite, who did not follow calls of Ardzinba to declare a "patriotic war" against Georgians and was trying his best to stop the fratricidal war. Moreover, he had walked away from the Abkhazian separatists and together with pragmatic representatives of the Abkhazian intelligentsia that lived in Moscow, was really engaged in the process of regulation of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict. Therefore, the Kremlin does not fully trust Ankvab, as they believe that he might be a probable candidate for future presidential elections. And that he can even win it. And this, unlike the Bagapsh government, will create problems for the colonial policy of Russia" -said Levan Kiknadze.

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