Immoral invaders are being defeated by those sacrificing themselves for moral values even after two centuries
20/09/2010 12:10

Series of Articles: This has been going on for 200 years. This is happening today. What will happen tomorrow?

On September 11th of the current year with initiative and financing of chieftains of the Terek Cossacks a monument of one of the most ruthless organisers of the conquest of the Caucasus General Yermolov was erected in the centre of the capital of the North Caucasian Federal District Pyatigorsk. Erection of this monument as well as the similar one in the city of Minvod in October 2009 was perceived as a demonstration of insult and cynicism towards the Caucasian peoples.

Eight days after the opening of the Yermolov Monument in Pyatigorsk, at the traditional celebrations dedicated to the day of a Chechen woman head of the Parliament of the Chechen republic Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov announced about a decree signed by Ramzan Kadyrov about giving one of the main streets of Grozny a name of legendary Chechen woman Dadin Aibik. This ceremony was attended by various representatives of the Chechen authorities and the public.

In September 1819 a village of Dadi-Yurt was burned down by the order of General Yermolov. And 46 young Chechen women headed by Dadin Aibik who were captured there drowned themselves while crossing the Terek to avoid being at the mercy of killers of their parents and relatives and to retain their dignity.

On September 18th 2009 a monument to defenders of the village of Dadi-Yurt was erected in Gudermes.

By commemorating Dadin Aibik and her 45 young friends the Chechen people expressed their protest against immorality and violence, invader-generals of today and those of the past.

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