Russian police will take control of Abkhazia
08/09/2010 14:12

By the end of the year Russian police may appear in Abkhazia. Russian publication Versia published this information. According to Versia the Abkhazian police are "incapable" to cope with their duties therefore the puppet regime turned to Russia with a request to send several hundred "cops" in this occupied region until the Interior Ministry of Abkhazia prepares enough number of specialists.

The publication cited explosion at a military base in the village of Kokhora of the Gali district –an explosion that never happened - as grounds for such action. We should remind that broadcasting company Rustavi 2 reported an explosion and a fire in the village of Kokhora. As it turned out later, there is no Russian military base in Kokhora and it was a warehouse of chemicals of the local collective farm that caught fire. In this case, it is not clear whether the publication confirms the explosion at the military base, or is trying to find a reason for their conclusions.

It should be noted that against the background of decline of the so-called Abkhazian armed forces and establishment of full control over the entire territory of Abkhazia by Russian security forces, this information confirms the intention of the Russian state to finally annex this territory of Georgia. The only question here is whether Abkhazian policemen will cede their bread to Russian "cops" or not.

Versia also notes that Russian police have long been serving in the other occupied regions of Georgia - Tskhinvali. At that it is noted that, as a rule, these are "North Ossetian policemen who are sent there at the time of major events or celebrations, as well as during emergency situations".

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