Gocha Gvaramia: "Perhaps Abkhazians will return property to Georgians that are close to the Kremlin "
25/08/2010 14:03

According to expert Gocha Gvaramia, document drawn up by Russia about the return of property in Abkhazia that ethnic refugees from Abkhazia left behind, is a well-calculated political step. Thus the Kremlin will kill two birds with one stone. Russia has a well-designed game, because on the one hand, it will show the world that, ostensibly, Abkhazia is not an occupied territory and does not have a puppet regime but it has an independent government and the president that make decisions, regardless of whether the proposal come from Moscow or not. "They have calculated that Abkhazians will be such reaction, and they will have negative attitude to this document", - the expert told "Medianews".

According to Gvaramia, by raising this question the Kremlin stressed that Russia's decision in relation to the recognition of Abkhazia was the right one as Abkhazia is an independent country that does not dance the tune of others, but is building its statehood.

"On the other hand, Russia will take into account position of Abkhazia and make some amendments to the document. In particular, it will put emphasis on nationality of people who will be entitled to restitution of property rights. It is possible and that Georgians will also be given the right to return property, but those Georgians will be selected who have a certain capital and are close to the ruling circles of Russia. That is, Georgians will get on this list on the recommendation of the Kremlin. Thus, they gain the points before the international community ", - said Gocha Gvaramia.

We should recall that prime minister of breakaway region of Abkhazia Sergey Shamba said no to the proposal of the Russian side regarding legitimization of property in abkhazia that belonged to citizens of Russia before the Abkhazian war.

"If we do not unconditionally agree to the legalization of property, we get serious problems coming from the Georgian refugees who currently live in Russia and who have Russian citizenship," - said Shamba.

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