Sukhumi wants to declare Georgians a criminal nation
23/08/2010 08:59
Levan Kiknadze
President of the Club of Experts

"Abkhazia will have to live in accordance with international law", - said head of Abkhazian puppet regime Sergei Bagapsh in one of his speeches. He said this... and formed, together with Moscow, a joint Russian-Abkhazian commission. Apparently, they really are very concerned about complaints of Russians who lived in Abkhazia before the conflict and who rightly demand return of property appropriated by Abkhazian armed formations. To permanently resolve this rather controversial and contentious issue, the commission did not take long and has developed the so-called "concept". But it was not such a simple matter, as it seems at first glance. It turns out that after seeing final version of the draft of the concept envoys of Bagapsh had to make efforts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the document to be signed. Abkhazians did not agree with the basic formula: "protection of property rights of Russian citizens". They demanded it to be changed it as follows: "protection of property rights of citizens of Russian nationality" (or something similar) to avoid possible claims to property by citizens of Russia of Georgian nationality.

In fairness it should be noted that Moscow did not go as far as formal recognition of obvious manifestations of Nazism which is the foundation for the entire pseudo-Abkhazian "statehood". Sukhumi can do anything - Russia nurtured the Abkhazian ethnocracy in order to use them to carry out the ethnic cleansing of Georgian population and to maintain the status quo while itself to remain aside as if it had nothing to do with it. But the signature of Russia under the flagrant violation of fundamental human rights is quite another matter. And at that the Hague Court starts to consider a lawsuit by Georgia against Russia for violations of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination ...

Therefore, the first version of the wording was left in the concept. But under the condition that the wording of the concept will not be decisive, and the main and decisive factor will be that was long ago decided by the separatists regarding Georgians - to prevent their return to Abkhazia. Naturally, the adoption of the concept in this not very encouraging form and, especially, its public discussion is not good for the regime of Bagapsh. But despite this, the separatist leader did not prevent "leakage" of information. First he ordered to publish in the Nuzhnaya newspaper published in Abkhazia " first letter of a certain Nesterenko who expresses her fear of a possible return of Georgians on the basis of this concept (perhaps she had taken possession of property of a Georgian) and then supposedly oppositional, but in fact anti-Georgian, article written by a man with uncertain origin under the pseudonym of Jij Sayer Gech was also published.

The author calls this draft concept developed by a joint Abkhaz-Russian commission as anti-Abkhazian. Besides, he does not rule out that representatives of the Georgian side took part in drafting of this document. In his opinion, it should appeal to Georgia in signing a document on the non-use of force under Russian occupation discussed within the Geneva process and which did not produce results desired by Moscow.

Mr Gech! You seem very naive if you really believe that the document on non-use of force signed between the Georgian and Abkhaz sides can be a guarantee that Russia will not repeat the aggression against Georgia like the one that happened in August 2008. We never thought to resolve the conflict by force and are not going to do it now. So do not put yourself in a stupid position and do not blindly follow instructions of your masters. Creating the image of the enemy out of Georgians is the main component of the ideology, inspiration and driving force of which is the Russian government and the puppet regime in Sukhumi. And you with his rhetoric are not any different from them.

So your efforts to convince us that you're fighting zealously for salvation of the Abkhazian ethnos are vain. If this were so, then in the first place you would call for restoration of relations with Georgians and for their dignified return and not for deepening of the confrontation. Neither should you try to convince us in your being a radical opposition. You and people like you are in the same boat with your puppet regime and are being carried away into the abyss. It serves you right. And we would not care, if not for the fate of Abkhazian ethnic group future of which you so purposefully are endangering. No sensible and knowledgeable people would believe this absurd of which you speak ...

Georgia is ready to sign a document on the non-use of force only with Russia, and it has nothing to do with the so-called "concept" that the Georgian side does not need. We do not need it because we have a more substantial document on the unconditional return of refugees. The document, backed by UN resolutions and, incidentally, signed by authorized representatives of Russia and Sukhumi regime. In addition, there are a number of international conventions on private law and humanitarian law (i.e. Convention on the Status of Refugees of 1951, the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950, the UN Convention of 1974, etc.). Therefore, your assertion that "there is a feverish search for legal grounds for the return of Georgian refugees" is absolutely groundless. And you link this issue to a noise that was raised in your "parliament" with regards to issuance of Abkhazian "passports" to the Georgian population of the Gali district. You are so poisoned by separatist ideology that you deny a third of the population of Abkhazia even such elementary human right as an adoption of identity document. You cannot even allow an idea that indigenous inhabitants of this land may be entitled to vote even in your pseudo-elections and all just because they are Georgians. It's so natural for you that you cannot even forgive your leadership for its attempts to put all this in the framework of international norms – the leadership that had time to wise up a little over 17 years and tried to avoid expressing such thoughts in public in order not to appear fascist savages before the international community. You are more stupid than them and thus openly state the true cause of your animal fear: "hamper the process of destruction of our state and Abkhazian people ... do not let us turn into the minority again ".

But we can understand you. It was people like you by hands of which ethnic cleansing of Georgian population of Abkhazia has been carried out. For the sake of building a puppet ethnocracy you get your hands dirty with the blood of your relatives and neighbours, violated all human and divine laws. And you know perfectly well that you will be able to justify the depth of your fall, at least in your own eyes, as long as the current situation persists. By acknowledging that a Georgian is also a human being and has the same rights, you have to recognize all arising from this truth - the truth, putting an end to your "case".

But let's return to the Russian-Abkhazian commission and the project that, in your words, were "thrown in" by the Foreign Ministry of Russia. Moscow was indeed faced with the need to create this concept as the process of illegal deprivation of property in respect of Russians and their expulsion from their homes became irreversible. Verbal instructions to remedy the situation do not bring the desired results. Not only the Club of Experts, but the Abkhazian and Russian media as well wrote about this many times. While you, Mr. Gech, have never said even a word about it. We are confident that this "concept" that is so unacceptable for you (and which, in our opinion, is an empty piece of paper, concocted to mislead people) will not improve the situation, will not satisfy appetites of the "prodigal sons". You and your puppet government is well aware that if the said document works, the mentioned "Russian citizens" will refer only to people of Russian nationality and will not apply to people of other nationalities, especially to Georgians. Armenians also should not entertain much hope as their property rights have also long been violated and whose number has already exceeded the number of Abkhazians...

It seems, Mr. Gech, that could not grasp the real objectives of the said "concept", and you do not understand that this document. If it was really prepared in such an important body as Foreign Ministry, it was impossible to enter restriction on just Russian citizens of Georgian nationality. Otherwise, this would be a gross violation of fundamental human rights. All this should be clear to you and you should not be raising much noise. But illusory, "irreconcilable opposition" is a mandatory attribute for Bagapsh government on their road to building of "a democratic state" . And from time to time it is necessary to remind the remaining population of Abkhazia about " image of the enemy" in the face of Georgians ...

I would like to add that we think that shameless interference of some people of unknown origin who have recently settled in Abkhazia in the issue of return of indigenous Georgian population on their native land, is unacceptable for us and it is a great shame for the Abkhazian people . Moreover, they allow themselves to urge the government of Russia and the de facto authorities of Abkhazia to announce the Georgians as practically a criminal nation. We consider this fact a great disgrace for the Abkhaz people who himself was declared a criminal people by the Russian tsarist authorities and who today are preaching the same through some Sayer Gechs and it all is done through such authoritative newspaper as Nuzhnaya.

The Club of Experts is very interested to see what reaction will follow this appeal, signed by the pseudonym Gech on the part of the Abkhazian opposition leaders and generally what will happen to the mentioned project. Then we will decide whether to publish the opinion of Georgian refugees and their descendants, and their plans regarding property claims that they mention in their letters. Maybe then Sukhumi will stop publishing such articles, so annoying to Georgians.

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