This has been going on for 200 years. This is happening today. What will happen tomorrow?
16/07/2010 12:57
Experts' club

From the first day of its gaining a foothold in the Caucasus Russia started to persecute display of all kinds of national identity, different religion and independent opinion with special brutality. And for the purpose of complete eradication of Persian and Turkish influences great restrictions had been imposed on Islamic religion as the latter was identified with foreign policy course and ideology of these countries. "Divide and rule" principle was the main guiding principle for the empire. Realization of the above-mentioned policy caused death and deportation from homeland of millions of Caucasians. This small historical digression has been made to remind that this politics that has been tested for 200 years still remains in arsenal of Russian authorities and there are no signs that any significant amendment will be made to it.

Constant pressure on Islamic religion and governing it by Russian-style methods accumulated internal protest in Muslim population and unbelievably helped to spreading and strengthening of this religion and turned it into an unifying ideology and anti-Russian force. This process is especially strong even today. Forceful suppression and trampling of anything non-Russian accumulated similar spark of protest in Caucasian peoples and this has been manifesting in from-time -to-time explosions.

Because of limitedness of the media reality has been concealed and its whitewashed version was presented to broad masses of population. Today, when it is impossible to hide the truth, justification of committed atrocities with historical reasons, severe character of separate persons, "savageness" of indigenous population, necessity to introduce civilization into their midst has begun. Theories have emerged that according to which there was never such a thing as the Caucasus war and it was just a rivalry between big countries for the purpose of gaining influence over the Caucasian region.

Expert of the Russian State Duma certain Rauf Verdiev writes: "The Caucasus war is a continuation of raiding system. According to it, raids are natural way of society in the process of class formation. The Caucasus war was a huge social shift that led to the formation of the feudal state. The driving force behind this social revolution was nobility that acquired wealth during the war."

Such cynical and cold assessment was given to fate of millions of killed, devastated and exiled from their homeland people.

Nobody wants to ask people for sins that their empires and emperors committed centuries ago but it is a necessity to know real history and to make relevant conclusions.

An issue of recognition of genocide against Circassian people century and a half ago has been raised very intensely. Certain people are taking every measure for this problem to be swept under the carpet. Probably they fear that if atrocities that were committed 150 years ago are recognized the next thing on the agenda will be reducing Chechen ethnic group by 300 000 in the first and second Chechen wars ten years ago. And another question will inevitably arise. How did it happen and who was to blame that around twenty years ago two-thirds of population was driven out of Abkhazia based on their ethnicity and who even today remain refugees?

Notwithstanding great diplomatic and demagogic juggling of the Kremlin introduction of huge military contingent into a sovereign country and appropriation of its territories has been called its name - it was named occupants and occupation which will be definitely followed by relevant steps.

It's been twenty years that tense processes are taking place in the Caucasus. That in later years turned into civil war and religious confrontation which in its turn results in death of tens of thousands of people.

Assessments of the Russian government elite towards these events can only raise bitter smile and heartache in a person. They name sometimes emotionality of the Caucasians and their propensity to corruption, sometimes undermining work of the west and unsatisfactory religious education of the population as reasons for this. And finally, unemployment was declared to be in the roots of all misfortunes.

Traditional intensification of repressions and further consolidation of already large number of military forces is planned to rectify the situation in the region.

Neither leader of the Abkhazian separatists fall behind his Moscow masters in cynicism and brazenness. Today when Abkhazian ethnos is on the verge of extinction, when criminals are appropriating, selling and destroying all kinds of assets of those 300 000 people that were unlawfully expelled, Sergei Bagapsh has an impertinence to say that they are building an independent state where everything is decided according to norms of the international law.

But Bagapsh will not be forgiven for his double play. In the morning it is the Kremlin that he declares his undying love and loyalty for, while in the evening he tells tales about "reformed" Russian generals to descendents of Muhajirs.

Descendents of Muhajirs that live in Turkey openly and loudly announced that they would not repeat their earlier mistakes and would never become the Trojan horse at Russian orders. This statement was made for Mister Bagapsh and his Moscow masters to hear.

However paradoxical it might sound to Mr. Bagapsh and his Moscow masters for the second century several millions of ethnic Georgian and all most the same number of North Caucasian Muhajirs together, not very rarely and not with kind words mention initiators of their exile from their homelands.

The XXI century will not accept falsification and distortion of historical facts, drawing inadequate conclusions and accordingly, taking of inadequate measures. Modern international society will not allow fooling people by outdated politicians and deviate from the right path. Universally recognized norms of the international law should become obligatory for both big and small countries.

Georgia cannot remain indifferent towards intense processes that are taking place in the region as it believes that the Caucasus is one organism and pain started in one part of it will eventually spread over to others as well.

The Club of Experts will try its best to express its opinion about falsifiers of historical facts and modern reality , as well as politicians who serve whoever is in the power and leaders that betray interests of their people.

To be continued ...

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