What is "Abkhazian Opposition?"
09/06/2010 12:59
Experts' Club

Raul Khajimba who is well-known to us is trying to play a role of democratic opposition in Abkhazia. After the defeat in the so-called presidential elections, during the certain period he did not bother government with his protests. However, as an "irreconcilable opposition" he really had reasons for this. It would be enough to remember personnel decisions of Bagapsh, when he left almost unchanged the old government that he severely criticized prior to the elections. At this stage, the Kremlin, of course, could not have wished for a better government and in order to avoid unnecessary problems warned Khajimba not to go too far. The fact that Moscow has no equals in the game of democracy can be seen at Russia's example itself. There was every reason for Khajimba to be chosen as head of the opposition especially given his rank as a general of the FSB. Only recently Khajimba was appointed as a leader of the party Forum of People's Unity of Abkhazia. The process of his election took place against the background of absence of other opposition representatives at the meeting of FPUA.

As soon as he was appointed he began seemingly active actions against the existing regime. The accusation which he puts forward against Bagapsh is based on the opinion that the existing regime is trying to harm Russian-Abkhazian relations. This is quite an interesting subject, since neither Bagapsh nor Khajimba himself yield to each other in respect of being puppets of the Kremlin. Having looked through all the latest statements by the opposition leader, it is clear that the struggle is for the hearts of the Kremlin leaders and not for well-being and decent future of Abkhazian people.

Grounds for this opinion were given by a statement of Forum of People's Unity of Abkhazia that was published in the 20th issue of Abkhazian newspaper Chegemskaya Pravda. The published statement clearly demonstrates tendency to subservience to the Kremlin against the background of criticism of Bagapsh. The statement starts like this: "We give positive assessment to strategic steps of the Russian leadership aimed at ensuring security in the region and increasing military security of the Republic of Abkhazia ". Consequently, Khajimba and his team recognized supremacy of Russia in Abkhazia just like Bagapsh. I do not know how today one can deceive Abkhazian people with wordplay such as "ensuring security in the region " and " increasing military security of the Republic of Abkhazia ", since the fact is that Russian militaries have only one, imperial goal on this Georgian territory and it does not include protection of Abkhaz people. To protect seized Georgian lands - yes, in order to, God forbid, prevent their giving back, but to protect the people - no. The Abkhaz people is just an addition to Russian goals, and "ensuring security of Abkhazia" is a side effect.

The following part of the statement contradicts the first sentence. "However, contrary to the assertions of the country's leadership that" the time when we were between peace and war, when most of resources were spent on the war, on never-ending feuds with Georgia are almost over" the current situation around Abkhazia remains tense, "- says the statement. Is it indeed a case that Khajimba does not agree with his own words that presence of Russian troops "actually enhances military security of Abkhazia"? Or why did he suddenly decide to criticize Bagapsh's transition to peaceful rails? Everything is simple here. If the regime switches to peaceful mode Khajimba will criticize security. If the regime is engaged again in security provision Khajimba will criticize economy. What is left there for a sidelined former general of KGB?

Following the Moscow scenario Khajimba continues to assert that "fight for Abkhazia is taking new forms which is indicative of new challenges and threats facing our state and society. Enemies of Abkhazia miscalculated their plans of destruction by force of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, worked out and started to implement other, non-military methods of leverage over our country. The purpose of this pressure became Russian-Abkhazian relations, especially its most difficult part - the events of the XIX century characterized by tenseness.

Well, firstly, it is not news that the pressure will be there in any event, anytime, anywhere, until historical justice is restored and Abkhazia returns to where it belongs - in Georgia.
Secondly, "positive evaluation of strategic steps of the Russian government" is not clear against the background of memories of events of the XIX century. Knowing about those events Khajimba should have been cursing Russia with all his might. How it is done by Muhajirs in different countries who remember their history well. So what does Khajimba remember? He remembers that KGB general has to pursue interests of his masters.


More comes later. Khajimba accuses the regime of Bagapsh that it provokes growing anti-Russian sentiment. Which of activities of absolutely pro-Russian Bagapsh demonstrate this is hard to say. And Khajimba proposes to pay attention to the problems of health, education, culture, science, fight against the growing crimes, corruption, drugs, illegal migration, rather than to "events of the past". Apparently Mr. Khajimba forgets that for solving of the aforementioned problems in the first place one needs to restore a sense of justice among the population. While a sense of justice as Abkhazians passes over cynicism with which Russia treats them and all this is against thee backdrop of the XIX century genocide.

Generally, Abkhazian leaders behave strangely. When the entire Adyge nation part of which Abkhazians consider themselves to be, is fighting for the recognition of the genocide, when almost the whole North Caucasus calls on Russia for justice and cancellation of Olympic Games in Sochi, that will have to pass on the bones of their ancestors, Abkhazians are doing the opposite and are trying to please Russia. Of course, one's pocket is closer than the historical past. At the same time they try to cling to Circassians and constantly remind them that they are their brothers, but Abkhazians did not do anything for their brothers... I think that few in North Caucasus have forgotten the position of Abkhazians with regards to Chechnya. Thus, Sukhumi is trying to use Circassian movement for its own selfish purposes, but through deeds they are connected with Russia that does not recognize its crime. Now, some of the Abkhazian leaders suggest their people to forget about the genocide and are offering Russia their assistance in the Olympics.

The rest of the statement is full gibberish. FPUA accuses Bagapsh of actions that cause growth of anti-Russian sentiment, and criticizes him that he has cancelled planned activities on the day of memory of the victims "of the Caucasian War" (as today genocide is called in Russia). In this case, we agree with Khajimba that such actions of Bagapsh really contribute to the growth of anti-Russian sentiments. Indeed this is one more proof that the Abkhazian leaders do not care for opinion of Abkhazians themselves, not to mention Circassians. The main thing is to please Moscow. After all, as it was mentioned in the statement " on the same day and hour events dedicated to those tragic events were held throughout the North Caucasus with the participation of leaders of the republics while Abkhazian authorities, ignoring the past of their people, tragic pages of their history that is connected with fate of hundreds of thousands of their relative peoples, loses respect in the North Caucasus, in Russia, the world at large". Although Khajimba criticizes the regime for this, the question arises - if the Kremlin team came to power then what would have general of the KGB done? The same.

Unfortunately, for Abkhazian people themselves today there is no difference whether Abkhazia would be headed by Bagapsh or Khajimba. The same can be said about Russia. It does not care which of them would be in charge. Abkhazia remains for Russia a militarized buffer that Moscow is building for protection of its interests. Don't Abkhazian leaders see beyond their noses? Is money thrown by Moscow so sweet that it clouded their mind?

"It is unacceptable to speculate with one's past where there was everything - heroism, valour, and tragedy. Our relations with Russia count centuries and we believe that together we can overcome the painful legacy of the XIX century and achieve much for benefit of our peoples and states. Proof of this is public speeches of respected leaders of the Russian Federation - Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin drawing attention to the need to preserve the Abkhazian ethnos, respect traditions of fight of the Abkhazian people for their sovereign rights "- reads the statement. And the question arises. What is the opposition in Abkhazia? A group of individuals wishing to get access to Russian money? But can they confront Russia in its aggressive plans? And can they say that Russia through its pressures is creating prosperous conditions in Abkhazia, only to further strengthen its presence? If they want to be the opposition they can change the position and create possibility for confrontation of world views - those who want independence, those who want to be in Russia and those who want to be in Georgia. Then it would really show true state of affairs and then they can be a real opposition. Otherwise, what difference does it make for Abkhazian people which of Russian lackeys will be in charge of them? And then why they even need to be in charge? For this there are "respected leaders of the Russian Federation - Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin. Interesting to know have they even seen their statement?

And, finally, Khajimba, despite his great efforts not to offend Moscow, still made an mistake unforgivable for general of the FSB, and could not hide the truth. He involuntarily recognized that there are anti-Russian sentiments in Abkhazia (the text of the statement twice mentions that Bagapsh "contributes to growth of anti-Russian sentiment"). There would be no growth if there were no anti-Russian sentiment. It's a good thing he still has little conscience left and tells truth even in this part. We are confident that given the colonial policy of Russia, anti-Russian sentiments in Abkhazia will grow even more without any external interference.

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