Levan Kiknadze: Geneva format is not affective
24/05/2010 12:12

Georgian villages that are adjacent to the occupied regions live under constant threat. Residents often find bombs, grenades near their homes. There are also frequent cases of detonation of explosive devices. And border crossing, the Russian occupants or the separatists often detain local residents accusing them of crossing of so-called borders.

The latest cases happened in the village of Takhtidziri of the Gori district where a young man was injured as a result of explosion of a hand grenade that was installed in the garden. Also the occupants arrested two local residents in the village of Jria.

What can such terrorist acts and provocations lead our country to? These issues were discussed by news agency "Medianews" with security expert Levan Kiknadze.

- This is a planned provocation to further aggravate the situation. This was the case before the war and the same is happening now. This is approved Russian method.
As to abduction of people they need it in order to mark the de-facto border, to show that this concrete perimeter is controlled by them and beyond it is another "republic". They also sow fear that whoever crosses the border will be arrested. Though in most cases, when the occupants detained resident of villages of adjacent to the occupied region there were no crossing of the so-called border. Occupants and separatists abducted them from Georgian- controlled territories in order to say later that they had violated the border and then fulfill their plan. Of course, this is a style of the Russian security services.

-Thomas Hammarberg cannot always be involved in release of people that were abducted, can he? In your opinion, what is the solution?

-Unfortunately, today we only have Geneva negotiations in order to avoid similar incidents. Probably everyone remembers when representatives of the United Nations and OSCE were not even allowed into Tskhinvali. The Geneva talks have been designed exactly for the reason to prevent such actions, to find preventive measures. But as you can see, neither this brings any effective result.

- Is it possible that such incidents or small terrorist acts might provoke the situation so that we might be faced with another armed confrontation?

-We have already learned a lesson and saw what followed such provocations in 2008 and how Russia took advantage of it. I think it's unlikely that we again succumb to such provocation.


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