Ossetians returned the stolen cattle - Tskhinvali started to make excuses
11/05/2010 12:45

After exposure in the media Ossetian militia returned the cattle that was stolen the day before from shepherds near the line of occupation. At that representative of the puppet regime Merab Chigoev told news agency "RES", that the herd appeared in the occupied territory "by accident". From his words it turns out that supposedly about 60 cows that were unsupervised wandered into the Ossetian village of Khetagurovo. And the Georgian side took advantage of this to slander Ossetians.

"I would advise the Georgian side to be objective and cover the events as they occur", - said Chigoev. Well, let's follow his advice.

In the evening of May 10th shepherds from the Georgian village Kelktseuli (located near the line of the occupation) returned without herd entrusted to them and told police that they were attacked by a group of eight armed people. The militants were dressed in Russian uniforms and spoke among themselves in Ossetian language, but they talked with the shepherds in Georgian and demanded that they drove their cattle into the occupied territory. They took away a mobile phone from one of the shepherds. Another one who tried to resist was hit on the head. Ultimately, shepherds fled.

EU observers were informed about the incident and they also talked to the victims. Last night representatives of law enforcement agencies of Georgia held talks with the Tskhinvali authorities and news agencies have spread information about the robbery. It should be noted that this is not the first such case in the village of Kelktseuli. Last year, agricultural machines were taken away from local residents when they were working in the field.

This morning the cattle were returned to the owners, and Merab Chigoev convinces everyone that Georgians have abandoned herds wandering around and these herds are penetrating into the occupied territory either by accident or on behalf of Georgian security services, seeking to discredit stronghold of law and morality in the face "of South Ossetia" ...

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