Thoughts on Georgia
03/04/2010 11:40
Vasil Kvirikashvili
"The Club of exsperts"

Old Georgians used to say that in this sinned world there is treasure that is touched by no rust or must, that is not burnt in fire, drown in water or destroyed by a sword. And this is friendship and brotherhood of different nations.

But it can also happen that despite good deeds, solidarity, care and help that a nation gives others are not relevantly appreciated. That's why prominent Georgian writer and public figure Iakob Gogebashvili often wrote: "...that good deeds are often followed by ingratitude not only from separate persons but from nations as well; But Georgian nation always was far from such ingratitude and have always appreciated even a small kindness done to them by every small nation that had found shelter with them; and Georgians used to make them fully equal. Despite all this fortune did not favour us and paid our great kindness with ingratitude..."

Along the centuries certain mentality has been developing among non-Georgian population of Georgia i.e. actions of non-Georgian population was always uncertain and that was left without attention. It should be stressed that people living in Georgia can be categorized into two groups. There are those who believe that Georgia is their home and on the other hand there are those who think of it as a hotel. And there are those who are trying to grab the best suites in a hotel. That was brilliantly demonstrated by famous Georgian writer Mikhail Javakhishvili in his novel "Jaqo's dispossessed" when a hungry and homeless stranger knocks on a door asking for food and shelter and pretending to be a loyal and obedient servant. It demonstrated how people were let in and doors were opened before theme because of our naivety, uselessness, carelessness and unconcern. How shelter and food used to be given to them. And how they used to become stronger, more carefree and insolent. How they are throwing you out of your own house, are appropriating your estate, assets, your possessions...

We can safely say that Jaqo phenomenon refers to appropriation of assets, riches, possessions, house, dignity, name of others, as well as violence, servility, adulation, duplicity, brazen absence of principles, complete ignorance and lawlessness. Tolerant nature of the Georgian nation with its distorted understanding that it treated and still treats all kinds of foreigners should be considered as its historical misfortune.

Our excessive openheartedness and kind treatment of even enemies as well as opening broadly doors to them - such distorted understanding of hospitality seriously harmed our nation.

We are the only country in the world where every settler thinks itself as a master, is getting educated in its own language, is praying in its temple, is receiving spiritual nourishment - things that were never done by either symbol of liberty - France and "leader" of Internationalism (principles of tolerance towards different nations practiced in the Soviet Union) - Russia.

Famous political and public figure Grigol Lortkipanidze noted that Russian Tsarism and its officials served as protectors for small nations and ethnic groups that were living on territories of historical nations that itself were under subordination of the Empire. "They were greatly cared for, for example, Ossetians and Abkhazians... It was obvious for everybody that Russian man-eating chauvinism was not really interested in developing national culture of Abkhazian, Ossetian, and other peoples. A sacred goal of theirs was to introduce inner disintegration, decay, and turmoil in the national and cultural family of Georgia. Russian police and Russian Synod felt the same disgust towards Abkhazians and Ossetians as they felt towards Georgians and if they "cared" for development of writing culture of Ossetians and Abkhazians. It was just a temporary and provocative trick to weaken and destroy Georgian culture, to incite national hostilities. And this was an arena where Russian Communist occupation spread its "international" wings and which turned Georgia into a candle that was lighted from both ends. Grigol Lortkipanidze thought that burning of the candle from the top meant incorporation of Georgia into the Transcaucasian Federation, its complete assimilation and later its inclusion into Soviet Union. While burning of the candle from the bottom end meant that Abkhazia was declared as independent Abkhazian - but in reality Russian - republic and only later it was added to Georgia. "For the same purpose Ossetian autonomous district that was aimed as political and strategic support for Russian imperialism" on Roki and Mamisoni gorges was artificially detached from Georgia.

And then, who would have thought, imagined or predicted that these Ossetians who were mercifully given shelter and, if we bring here words of an Ossetian reporter "still lived in shacks and were skilled in theft and robbery" later would declare territories of historical Shida Kartli province of Georgia as their land and would give so much trouble to both their caring hosts and their Ossetian compatriots. Who would have thought about today's ethnic conflicts? Otherwise Georgian people would follow a course of Georgian king Giorgi V the Brilliant and instead of traditional Georgian hospitality they would have driven them across the mountains. Indeed! That would have been godsend! No blood of innocent Georgians and Ossetians would have been spilt during those years of difficult relations. Ossetians who lived in Georgia knew well their historical past. They knew that they were living on territory of the other as settlers. And this period lasted for two-three centuries and during this period they, with support for Georgian landowners, used to settle on their land, their number was getting bigger and were whole dependent upon those landowners, their living conditions used to be improved with help of those landowners and it was the latters that helped them to take roots in the blessed Georgian lands...

This article is based on "South Ossetia" in Georgia?!" by A.Songulashvili.



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