Nogaideli started implementing a plan of Russian foreign intelligence department
18/02/2010 11:04
"Expert Club"

We should note from the start that we did not intend to engage in political clashes that are taking place in Georgia. But existing situation that is shaping up to become very dangerous for our country compelled us to express out opinion about these processes. Taking into account its geopolitical location Georgia from the very beginning has been in a war mode. It was fighting against sometimes inner and sometimes foreign enemies. But it always united against common enemy and was fighting united to protect the country. Sometimes this fight continued for decades but until the final victory the country was united and existing inner confrontations were put aside by everyone.

Today when 20% of Georgian territories are occupied by Russia, when diplomatic relations are cut off with the biggest neighbour which means that these two countries are in a state of war ,of course, settlement of these relations and territorial problems takes the centre stage . These issues will not be settled without consolidation of political forces inside the country and involvement of the international community. There can be no doubt about this.

By this stage of the political struggle the Kremlin has written numerous scenarios. Russian political technologists made calculations mainly on representatives of Georgian diaspora in Russia as nobody would have imagined that after the intervention of August 2008 there would be a force in Georgia that would agree to sit at the table of negotiations with Russia without setting any terms.

From the very start we would like to note that aggressive policy of Russia towards Georgia is caused by unyielding will of Georgia not to turn away from a course of striving towards western values and democratization of the country. In our opinion no matter how urgent political process that are taking place in Georgia will become no one should have even a slightest illusion that somebody will come and settle everything. 200 years and especially last 20 years of relations between Georgia and Russia clearly showed us that Russia - until it changes its traditional imperial attitude towards Georgia -cannot be trusted and all the more, it will not do anything in our favour. As to our strive towards western values Russia can blame it on its own policies as they themselves pushed Georgia towards them. So if anyone thinks that Russia only is against Saakashivili as a person and not Georgia they either are not well acquainted with politics and do not know Russia or , taking into account their future political plans, are purposefully misleading society.

As Nogaideli and his party became a centre of inner political and uncompromising confrontation we will refer to a small excerpt out of one of his "philosophical" thoughts that are usually full of mutually exclusive, orientated on an ordinary person formulations.

"First of all, I would like to start from...statement that was made by Russian officials that Russia recognizes territorial integrity of Georgia without Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We all should understand well what this statement means and what context is behind it. This is a warning. We will take away whatever is left to you. If you are not clever we will take you apart and will annex very soon. Because Russia will never allow unification of Georgia at the expense of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and against Russia. This will not happen".

After that Nogaideli voices his great dream to come in power and fails to mention that his position and that of the Kremlin with regards to change of Georgian political leadership are suspiciously similar to each other. At that he "forgets" that only obedient vassal has been acceptable for Russia at every stage along the history of relationship with Georgia.

"We should assess whether we have strength and ability and possibility to unite Georgia, to bring back Abkhazia and South Ossetia against Russia in today's situation and today's conditions. Or whether fighting against Russia is our most sacred goal. That is exactly what we should talk about. And another thing – it is obvious that Russia will not take positive steps in conditions of Saakashvili regime and this is ruled out".

In our previous article we described in details how and using what methods Russian security services are going to use such position. Broadly publicized video materials of Moscow trips of Nogaideli and his meetings with high rank Russian officials, especially with Putin is a part of a "full-scale plan" for complete subjugation of Georgia that was drawn up on the basis of the abovementioned methods. We should also expect a future meeting of Nogaideli with Medvedev in order to make a psychological and Kremlin-approved effect on Georgian population. Of course, the agreement signed with Edinaya Rosia at first sight seems like an ordinary agreement between two political parties. But in reality it is another part of the above-mentioned plan. We will be easily persuaded with that if we consider it in view of agent and operation plan characteristic of security services. So taking all the above into account Nogaideli's "historical document" reads the following:

1. Regular accounts on processes taking place in Georgia should be provided. Special attention should be paid to urgent issues. Also a policy drawn up by this plan should be pursued in the name of Georgia on the international stage; Structure and working principles of the political party should be made similar to structure and action policy of our party (Edinaya Rossia); Based on our political ideology preparation of young activists should be started and strengthened; In order to propagate our political goals into masses and with a purpose of influencing them in our favour publishing activities should be intensified; Aimed at following our policy and further lobbying it there should be an open as well as secret implanting of like-minded persons inside executive and legislative bodies of Georgia, sphere of international relations and youth sector, especially among students;

2. Aimed at legalization of receiving of information party delegations should arrive in Russia regularly (it's unlikely that representatives of Edinaya Rossia will be allowed into Georgia – "Club of Experts"); Additionally, for this very purpose expert conferences and other events should be organized;

3. Under the aegis of development of inter-party connections practice of sending representatives of regional party departments to regions of Russia should be established and pursued. For this purpose people possessing relevant characteristics should be chosen on the spot that will be considered perspective for executing our goals.

4. With a purpose to find desirable people thematic "round tables", conferences and seminars in public circles and especially among specialists of various spheres should be arranged. Aimed at establishing and further deepening of relations the chosen contingent should be provided with opportunity to take part in similar events on the territory of Russia or any other country which is acceptable to us.

5. By adhering to norms of secrecy activities should be conducted with regards to creation of non-governmental and public organizations which together with similar organizations created by us in Russia and outside it will strengthen our positions.

But to say the truth if Russia was not sure of reliable forces inside Georgia and among Georgians living outside the country who consciously or unconsciously are dragging Georgia towards Soviet mire it's hard to imagine that the Kremlin would have been able to carry out everything that it did in Georgia since the eighties of the last century.

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