Action plan of Zurab Nogaideli is being written in offices of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (CBP) and is a part of a plan drawn up by Yevgeny Primakov
25/01/2010 15:52
"Expert Club"

At the end of the eighties of the last century it became clear for the world that the collapse of the Soviet Union was inevitable and that it would be definitely followed by creation of new independent countries in the face of post-soviet republics. And that Russia would become a legal successor to the Soviet Union and it would also try with all means to maintain its influence over those newly-established states.

Coming from this a special plan was drawn up by analytical centres of Russian security services and Russia has been executing it purposefully and sequentially for the last twenty years.

Putin's coming into power significantly activated state security services and gave them hope again for reanimation of the Soviet Union. Georgia from the start was considered to be the most interfering one on this way. And a campaign that was directed against Georgian statehood and that was implemented by Russian security services by order of the Kremlin along the entire existence of the independent Georgia entered a very active phase. One clause of this plan was to involve Georgia into armed conflict after which 20 % of our territories were occupied by Russia.

Today Russian security services has only one last clause of this plan left to execute –change of political leadership of the country and total subjugation of the country. Until today the Kremlin has been trying with all its might to bring a kind of puppet leadership to Georgia that will be acceptable for them and that will not dare to talk to them with ultimatums with regards to Georgian territorial integrity.

Putin put Yevgeny Primakov, President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in charge of carrying out of this last clause of the plan - Yevgeny Primakov that all his life served in the Russian state service. He was carrying out with scrupulousness and at the same with success all directives of the above authorities. While serving as the Editor-in-Chief of Pravda newspaper, Russian foreign Minister, Prime Minister of Russia, Speaker of the Parliament, chief of intelligence service and other important posts this huge empire was revolving around him for decades. As he himself wrote he "for his entire life has been repressing a slave inside him" but at his eightieth year he publicly kneeled before Vladimir Putin who, in his words, saved Russia from downfall.

The main thing is that it is Yevgeny Primakov who supervises Georgian direction in Russian foreign intelligence service (CBP). According to his plan Russian security services are working in two directions:

-They are trying to create such conditions so that they can convince Georgian people that
Russia is not Georgia's enemy, that they love Georgians, they respect Georgian culture and its centuries-old traditions. But that in condition of the current Georgian leadership it is impossible to restore normal relations between these two countries.

With this purpose the Kremlin is systematically financing various kinds of cultural events, conferences and meetings of public organizations (but despite a well-written plan these events failed to achieve a desired effect in Georgian population and Georgian diaspora in Russia).

At the same time they are choosing such ethnic Georgian public figures who will be unwaveringly pursuing and defending Russian interests in Georgia. Calculations are made on political figures and businessmen, who feel injured from Georgian authorities and who left Georgia for Russia or other countries, former experienced high officials of Russian security services and other law enforcement agencies. Some of them are ready to get involved in a campaign against Georgian statehood for their negative attitude towards Georgian authorities and some are motivated by improving their personal well-being.

At this stage Primakov placed his attention and get former Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Nogaideli in the lime-light. It was Primakov who provided and arranged all meetings in Moscow for Zurab Nogaideli with Chairman of the Russian State Duma Boris Grizlov, Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin, the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and last, with Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Questions spring to mind:

Who and what forces encouraged Zurab Nogaideli when even members of this cabinet were not able to feel his being in the post of Prime Minister? Why did he feel so belatedly this already 20 year-old pain of his people? Does he see in equally bland faces of his party members a force that will enable him to come to power and build the country?

What is that satisfies him and what hope did Mister Nogaideli have when he agreed with the Kremlin leadership on restoration of relations between Russia and Abkhazia and Tskhinvali – less Georgia? And, in general, in whose name is he talking with Russia? Who gave him a mandate? Did he acquaint Georgian people and namely hundreds of thousands of refugees with those conditions in exchange of which he is so smiled upon in the Russian capital?

What lies behind such ungrounded optimism? If he is not familiar with 200 century history of Georgian-Russian relationship he at least witnessed the last 20 years. He is not so naive to take all Russian promises as at their face value. Then what is it that makes him take this step? Is it a strive towards carrier or a desire to protect illegally acquired millions? Or maybe it's some other previously taken and undisclosed obligation?

Responses to all these questions are clear. New Moscow friends, who seem to be not so new, charged him and his several comrades with this energy, supplied them with relevant directives and guarantees in order to attack current Georgian leadership with maximum categoricity and self-assurance.

"The Club f Experts" possesses a true information about what forces and means are used by Russia to get integrated into Georgian political spectre. In order to fully use these possibilities the Kremlin leaders are purposefully trying to establish and deepen new contacts, to create desirable business environment and award privileges. Some even earlier appeared on the stage and in compliance with the Russian plan are trying to show population of Georgia and international society "sympathy of Russia" towards Georgian people.

In conclusion we should note that Russian security services know Georgian history and nature of Georgian people perfectly well. They know very well that Georgia can be defeated only through Georgians. That is the way they are trying to subdue Georgia as they failed to do that with war. We would like for Zurab Nogaideli and others who knowingly or unknowingly are used by Russian security services to know that as well.

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