Video materials of alleged terrible crimes of Georgians were filmed in Abkhazia
15/01/2010 18:18
"MediaNews" Agency

Recently there have been emerging such details about Georgia-Russia war that Heidi Tagliavini might feel ashamed for several points of her report. For example, American sources published testimonies of Russian intelligence agent Sergey Tretyakov who moved over to the American side where he stated that Russian security services had been working on plans to start war with Georgia and to decoy Georgian Army into Tskhinvali. General Levan Kiknadze, president of "the Club of Experts" and former Minister of Security of Abkhazia made the following comments in his interview with Medianews:

If we consider a classic theory this information is real. It is real based on those actions that are taken by security services when they are preparing for aggression. So activization of agent and operational actions on the entire territory of Georgia from Russian side ahead of the war was expected. I would like to draw your attention to one special measure that was a part of the plan of Russian security services. I am talking about videos that allegedly showed terrible actions of Georgian army in Tskhinvali and its surroundings. In reality, security services of Russia and the separatist regimes were filming staged scenes in Ochamchire district in order to show as to how Georgians were allegedly killing civilian population in Tskhinvali. Security services were blowing up houses, cars; were putting Abkhazian soldiers in American army uniforms, attaching Georgian flags to military vehicles, setting fire to old buildings etc. One my acquaintance witnessed one of such filming. He was coming from Sukhumi in a minibus and at the entrance of Ochamchire a driver saw soldiers who were dressed in American army uniforms and armoured vehicles with Georgian flags on them. He saw also that houses, cars around were on fire, there were bloody people, dead people. Terrified driver turned the minibus around screaming "Saakashvili is here".

Our security services probably knew about activization of Russian security services. Don't you think it was a mistake that at that time Georgian side did not make a public statement on the above-mentioned facts?

The fact that this activization of Russian security services had not passed unnoticed was confirmed by regular statements made by authorities about provocations from the Russian side that were taking place at that time. As for security services it's not in their style to make public statements. And that's what they considered as a right thing to do.

And how were Russian security services working in Georgia?

After declaration of independence by Georgia Russia changed its approach regarding Georgia and started to put in full motion undercover security services that were deployed in Georgia in various military divisions as well as in embassies. If we also take into account network of agents that were recruited by these very services at that time it is easy to understand what a difficult position Georgia found itself in. We should neither forget that before and after withdrawal of military bases Russian security services were conducting agent and operational activities in Georgia using various methods. How they managed this is another matter.

How difficult is it to disclose agents of the Soviet times of Russian security services? What will give us timely approval of the law on disclosure o personal files?

From the start I would like to point out that the law on disclosure of personal files will not give us anything in terms of disclosing agents of Russian security services, even if it had been approved earlier. The thing is that the abovementioned security services were acting in Georgia independently from Georgian KGB, they had their own system of record-keeping and were only subordinated to Moscow and were only fulfilling orders from them. Therefore Georgian KGB did not have records of these agents. Given that disclosure and documentation of both old and new agents of Russian security services should be done by Georgian security services as it happened in 2006.

Probably "Tbilisi war" as well was a result of activization of their agents.

Of course. "Tbilisi war", introduction of army divisions into Abkhazia were to some extent results of "measures" taken by them. Transfer of military equipment from Akhalkalaki military base to Kitovani suspiciously concurred with start of military actions in Abkhazia and so on.

What do you think what direction will take activization of current agents?

Let's not be too afraid of these agents. I do not think that they are very efficient. Many of them are now old, some are dead. Some of them have been exposed. We should not forget that Georgian counter-intelligence has been a force to be reckoned with for quite a long time and Russia knows that. It took some beating.

How do you think how real is a danger that Russian network of agent might be in working in Georgian political spectre?

It is possible. As to if they have agents inside our political spectre that is another matter. It is possible that they have. Anyway, Russians had this possibility.

Mister Kiknadze, as I know you have information that Russians intend to bring radioactive waste into Abkhazia.

According to information received from Sukhumi it was planned and practically agreed with Bagapsh to secretly bring radioactive waste from Russia into Abkhazia and to store them in burial places of the Sukhumi Physical-Technical Institute. A similar attempt was undertaken in the period of Ardzinba leadership, but due to opposition from Georgian authorities who were supported by international organizations, Moscow abandoned its intentions. Now Russian side is confident that transfer of radioactive waste into Abkhazia – taking into account recognition of its independence by Russia - would not be problematic. But, just in case, this plan is kept secret and no one, including Georgia, will not be able to provide evidence of import of radioactive waste into Abkhazia.

Do you trust your source?

We learned about this plan from a source who has an access to secret materials and whom I trust. In October 2009 this person sent me an email in which he informed about a fact of prevention of removal of uranium-235 from Abkhazia – uranium that was stolen from the burial place of radioactive substances of SPTI after the end of the war actions of 1992-1993, as well as a fact of concealment of this fact by Russian FSB.

The letter was accompanied by a photograph of the container - so-called "pig" where the Uranium was stored. "Pig" was ready to be shipped, however this plan failed. As our source informed security services removed the container with the uranium from the basement of an abandoned house that was abandoned by a Georgian family after the 1992-1993 war. A particular concern of our source was raised by the fact that "pig" disappeared without trace, and that not only no actions were brought on this fact but - with involvement of Russian FSB - even primary information was destroyed. Our source is sure that the mentioned "pig" contained enriched uranium-235 that was lost in the nineties, several years after the end of the war in Abkhazia and it "disappeared" without trace. . He requested to give this information to international organizations that are working on problems of radioactive substances hoping for appropriate response. He also considered it necessary to spread information about this fact through the media. He believes that a lot of radioactive substances are still left in Abkhazia that at the time were stolen from SFTI, removal and selling of which failed for certain reasons. Despite our attempts, all this failed to become a subject of extensive discussion. A new, extremely dangerous plan to turn Abkhazia into dump for radioactive waste, implementation of which threatens the region with an environmental disaster, is no less dangerous, if hazardous substances are to fall into hands of terrorists. And the separatists have a well established routine of removal and sale of radioactive substances.

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