Kiknadze: instructions of the Soviet KGB will be introduced in the Gali district
08/01/2010 15:36

Residents of the Gali district of Abkhazia may encounter problems not only when crossing the line of occupation on the river Enguri, but even when going deep into the occupied region. This was said by the president of the Club of Experts Levan Kiknadze to Rustavi 2 when commenting on the situation in Abkhazia.

The expert noted that in the Gali district "instructions of the KGB are gradually coming into force for the border population, that was strictly controlled in Soviet times". In particular, every movement of inhabitants along the border deep into the country, and vice versa used to be subject to control. If someone from inner districts wanted to visit residents of the border line territories - they had to obtain a special individual permit.

With regard to the movement across the line of occupation, Levan Kiknadze predicted "regulation" of the issue by a special law, which will be adopted by the Abkhazian puppet regime under the pretext of a threat to "sovereign" Abkhazia from Georgia. According to the expert, similar processes may develop in another occupied territory – Tskhinvali region, and first of all in Akhalgori.

In addition, Kiknadze noted that Russian occupants and their puppet regimes in every way were trying to fix the lines of occupation as fully-fledged borders between sovereign states.

As to inventory of real estate in Abkhazia, it is preparation for appropriation of homes of refugees - believes the president of "the Club of Experts". He pointed out that a large number of Russian troops, whose families are in need of housing, have accumulated in the Gali district. Levan Kiknadze believes that after the "inventory" of real estate the puppet regime will "legitimize" a disposal of property of the exiled population and will give them to occupants.

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