Russia accepted the situation and is ready to work with current government of Georgia
09/12/2009 16:02

It seems that Moscow has accepted failure of its attempts to change power in Georgia and is ready to work with the current leadership. This readiness was mentioned by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev today when responding to reporters' questions at the Forum of European and Asian media. After statements about impossibility of contacts with the existing "Georgian regime" the Kremlin is trying to personify the conflict and to start over. Otherwise it is difficult to explain the following words of Medvedev regarding Georgia: "I'm not going to be in contact with the current president and some other leaders - our ways have parted and our evaluation of the events are too different - but that does not mean that we should postpone all other relationships for later."

In particular, the President of Russia does not see "any special obstacles" for resumption of direct flights between Moscow and Tbilisi, and for opening of the checkpoint of Upper Larsi on the Russo-Georgian land border. He even hoped that a time would come when visa system between the two countries would be canceled. "We must not shy away from normal everyday issues with reference to the fact that we are not communicating with individual citizens and, therefore, forget friendship, - said Dmitry Medvedev – above all, this concerns interests of ordinary people who used to be friends and remain friends - in spite of high alertness, which emerged in the political establishment, and open severe confrontation between our two countries on certain issues on the international arena".

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