Bagapsh met with militants and leveled Abkhazian idea
09/12/2009 14:09

The head of Sukhumi authorities Sergei Bagapsh and his partner in the coming elections, candidate for vice-president of the puppet regime Alexander Ankvab met with members of Abkhazian armed formations. In addition to militants, the meeting was attended by other representatives of Abkhazian military body and cadets. Speaking in front of them, Bagapsh made a rather strange statement: "The situation today is very different from what it was four years ago. Today we are a sovereign and independent state ".

These words imply that four years ago, the separatists were not a "sovereign and independent state". That, in general, does not contradict truth, either then or now. However, it contradicts the main Abkhazian idea (repeatedly voiced, and by Sergei Bagapsh among others) that since 1992 Abkhazia is a "sovereign and independent state, regardless of acceptance or rejection of this by other countries".

It turns out that in reality Abkhazians were well aware of the real state of things, but were diligently engaged in self-deception. But after the recognition by Russia they felt that now at last their dream will really come true. But we have to disappoint the separatists: the status of Russia's puppet, that is completely controlled by the northern master militarily, politically and economically, has made this dream more ephemeral than it has ever been. Everyone would be better off if Abkhazians do not need another generation for realizing this simple truth.

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