Abkhazia is being fenced with barbed wire
09/12/2009 13:13

Occupants officially confirmed that they are erecting barbed wire entanglement on the administrative border of Abkhazian Autonomous Republic. Shota Utiashvili, Head of Information and Analytical Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Georgia and a representative of the Georgian side on the meeting held in Gali on December 8th in a framework of Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism, announced about this.

According to him, barbed wire has been already erected in a village of Otobaia in Gali district. After that barbed wire entanglement will be installed primarily along the so-called "Lower zone" of the area, where villages of Pichori, Ganmukhuri, Nabakevi, Khurcha, Saberio and Pachulani are situated. Locals say that the barrier is set in six rows of total 15 meters wide. There will be a signal line behind barbed wire.

Tbilisi draws attention to the fact that all this means serious problems for the population of the Gali district that already is in a very difficult situation. Residents of Gali socially and economically are closely connected to neighbouring Zugdidi district. They are getting essential goods from there and are selling their agricultural products there. Now, despite the closure of the "border" by Russian occupants, residents of the Gali district use bypass roads and footpaths, but the barbed wire may deprive them of their last connection with the free territory of Georgia.

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