Bagapsh is trying to "lock" Georgian language in the Gali district
09/12/2009 12:04

The leader of the Abkhazian separatists Sergei Bagapsh does not consider existence of Georgian media on the territory of Abkhazia necessary. He stated this in an interview with Russian edition of "Newsweek".

"I do not think that there is such need In Sukhumi, as just a small number of Georgians live there. These are mixed families and so on. In Gali there is a newspaper in Mingrelian language which is their native language. As for Georgian language - I do not think it will happen very soon, as we have no such need. "- Said the leader of the puppet regime.

In addition he was "not opposed" to Georgians in the Gali district to be taught in their native Georgian language, though he believes their language to be Mingrelian. "We are not against residents of Gali district learning their language in schools. They believe their native language to be Georgian - well, please, be my guest, and study in Georgian but by our programs. Because you live in Abkhazia and you must obey the laws of Abkhazia" – said Bagapsh.

It should be noted that 50 thousand Georgians live in the Gali district. For comparison, Armenians in Abkhazia amount to 50-60 thousand, and Abkhazians are even less, despite the figure of 90 thousand stated by the regime before the election. This figure corresponds to the number of Abkhazian population who lived in Abkhazia before the war. Some of them perished in the war, and some simply moved to Russia in search of a better life. Bagapsh's statement is merely an attempt to limit spread of the Georgian language beyond the Gali district, though many Abkhazians in Ochamchire and Sukhumi districts know Georgian.

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