Ossetians felt more secure before the war
08/12/2009 18:03
Gogi Maisuradze

Remaining residents of Tskhinvali region are meeting this winter with greater fear than the previous one –sources in so-called South Ossetia are reporting. "Instead of feeding people and providing a roof over their heads, all the government is doing is wasting money and taking care of their own well-being" - such conversations can be heard more and more often among ordinary Ossetians against the background of statements of Tskhinvali leadership that plans for post-war rehabilitation are being successfully carried out.

But, despite billions that are coming from Russia, many homeless families up till today have no basic shelter. As a result they will have to spend winter in tents. Notably, some Ossetians are no longer afraid to loudly express their dissatisfaction with the puppet regime. They say that they felt more secure before August 2008 than now.

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