North Caucasian militant makes Russia quarrel with Egypt
08/12/2009 17:37

The Russian federation is unhappy with relevant structures of Egypt because of the delay in extradition of Ibrahim Mankiev who had been wanted by the Interpol on terrorism charges and who was detained on November 10th.

32-year-old Mankiev was a member of organization Shura, created by Shamil Basayev. Among the alleged offenses are shooting down of captured members of Russian security services, as well as blowing-up of APC-80 in North Ossetia-Alania in 2006 that caused death of four soldiers.

The Russian side claims that Mankiev had been taking shelter in Egypt, where he was recruiting Russian citizens, including students of Islamic schools - to be sent into ranks of militants in Afghanistan and Russia. However, in Egypt, part of the local media considers Ibrahim Mankiev to be a victim of political and religious persecution.

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