President of Ingushetia is seeking way-out in traditions
08/12/2009 14:59

Neglect of Ingush traditions – that according President of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov is the cause of systematic killings in Ingushetia. He said this during a meeting with representatives of Ingush clans, where imams and public figures were also invited. The reason for organizing this meeting held in Nazran was a bloody armed clash near the village of Achaluki. There, on December 4th, a domestic dispute turned into a gunfight between two clans - Vadelov and Merzhoev. Five people died as a result and six more were wound.

During the meeting Yevkurov noted that the killing of people in Ingushetia became a systematic occurrence, and that is categorically unacceptable for a healthy modern society. He explained all this with neglect of traditions, according to which commission of murder or other villainy used to become subject of strict condemnation, and observance of which saved the Ingush people during the deportation.

In turn, religious leaders explained killings that are becoming more and more frequent with insufficient spiritual education of youth. The meeting called on the Ingush to elect decent people in the boards of Ingush clans who would be able to conduct equal dialogue with authorities and would promote process of healing of society.

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