Georgia can become salvation for Ingushians
07/12/2009 19:30

The issue of resettlement of Ingushians in Georgia is being actively discussed. Ingushians see it as an escape from lawlessness in their homeland. Mehmed Merbakov, representative of the organization "Ingushetia - our home" said that if Georgia would not show good will and would refrain from receiving Ingushians, then it would lose its historic role in the Caucasus.

Merbakov noted that for many Ingushians relocation to Georgia will be an opportunity to escape intolerable life in Ingushetia, where daily killings and kidnappings coincide with federal authorities preparing a new confrontation. Namely, it is planned to merge Ingushetia with Chechnya and restore the status of the Chechen-Ingush republic, president of which will become the current president of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

This will cause resentment of the Ingushian population - said Mehmet Merbakov - There is a real danger that certain forces will provoke confrontation between the Chechens and the Ingushians on this ground.

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