New trick
07/12/2009 19:00
Vasil Kvirikashvili

Moscow's policy in the Caucasus is directed towards peace and stability that is vital for Russia, - said Vladimir Dorokhin, Ambassador of Russia in Azerbaijan. There is no secret that Russia wants to realize its plans in the region, implementation of which is far from peace and stability. After the attack on Georgia, the Kremlin is trying to play the "bilateral partner" relationship with Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia, in order to present Russia as a state that is using positive potential of the relationship to solve regional problems.

And what about Georgia? Georgia is like a bur in the throat. After all, the true purpose of Moscow in the region is to monopolize oil and gas transit to Europe and the Kremlin is not interested in any alternative oil and gas pipelines that pass through Georgia and provides Europeans with access to energy resources of the Caspian Sea and Central Asia. This is the most important reason why Moscow can not accept Georgia's independence and desperately needs to transform Georgia into a dependent country – a satellite. That's why there are all these attempts to create instability. So, assurances of Russian ambassador Dorokhin about the positive nature of Moscow's regional policy, which supposedly is foundation of "reset" in the Russian-US relations, are not worth a dime.

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