Vasil Kvirikashvili: Russia is trying to push their puppets through into PACE
02/12/2009 17:54
Vasil Kvirikashvili

Parliamentarians of our northern neighbour are considering possibility of participation of representatives of the parliament of so-called South Ossetia in the next session of PACE. According to Ilias Umakhanov, first Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Committee of the Federation Council, at this stage, representative of South Ossetian "parliament" can only be invited as an observer, an expert or consultant.

"On one hand, this will allow our colleagues to see the very atmosphere, to determine weak points and where we can work more effectively and with coordinated efforts on international parliamentary places. There is an agreement with Sergey Mironov, the Chairman of the Federation Council to hold consultations with participation of the head of the Foreign Ministry in January in connection with overall coordination in the promotion of the recognition of South Ossetia as an independent state ", - explained Umakhanov. The Russian parliamentarian proposed this during a meeting with Eduard Kokoiti, the so-called "President of South Ossetia" on November 30th.

So everything is right and tight. The only thing left to do is to breach "European front" especially as everything has already been agreed with Eduard Kokoiti. What's there more to do? But then if we take into account statement of Hansjörg Haber, the head EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia made by him at the end of September 2009 that "the European Union, in accordance with its legal position, does not recognize the right of authorities of Tskhinvali and Sukhumi to enter into any agreement with Russia" Russia's diplomatic efforts to literally push the separatists through over the threshold of PACE are truly revolutionary intent on changing the charter and principles of this very influential organization.



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