EUMM is getting satellite pictures of the occupied territories
02/12/2009 17:19

Satellite observation of the occupied regions of Georgia has begun. As Akaki Minashvili, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs said today negotiations with the EU on satellite observation of the occupied territories were concluded in favour of Tbilisi and these regions are already under satellite surveillance. Start of the satellite observation was also confirmed by the Georgian Foreign Ministry, but so far they refrained from specifying concrete results of the negotiations and other details related to this issue.

The Monitoring Mission of the European Union in Georgia says the mission had been receiving images of the occupied regions from time even before from the Center for Satellite Observation. Right now it has become more intense, but to call it a satellite observation is incorrect. "We got pictures before, but lately the process has intensified. We can not call it monitoring. At that it should be noted that - according to our ambassador - such monitoring can not replace the monitoring process in on the ground ", - say in the office of EUMM.

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