Guniava: Russian secret services are provoking a new confrontation in the North Caucasus
02/12/2009 15:47

Russian secret services are starting to become active in the North Caucasus in order to cause confrontation between peoples. Gocha Guniava of "the Club of Experts" made such assessment after considering recent developments in the region.

On December 1st, at 17.00 local time unknown persons stormed into the office of public organization "Khase" in Nalchik - the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria - and brutally beat up activists of the organization. At the same time there was an attack on the office of public organization "Congress of Cherkessia". As a result Ruslan Keshev, leader of this movement has received serious injuries. Several days prior to this incident, unknown persons physically assaulted Oyus Gurtaev, one of the leaders of the Council of Elders of Balkaria and set fire to a car that belonged to Dalkhat Bailaev.

According to Guniava, "the incidents are connected to demands of these organizations about secession of Kabardia from Balkaria that was voiced at the demonstration held in the village of Khabez in Karachay-Cherkessia". The expert believes that such attacks, perpetrators of which remain unknown, are organized, as a rule, by security services for specific purposes. "On the one hand, such activities carried out by security services is part of intimidation policy. On the other hand, they are stirring up confrontation between peoples", - noted Guniava.

In addition, the expert sees the danger of a new hotbed of hostilities in the processes occurring in the North Caucasus. "Given the fact that Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia are artificially created republics which accommodate nations that have historical rivalry among themselves, Russian security services are planning to provoke a new and long-term war in the Caucasus region in future. But this time the war will be instigated between the peoples of the Caucasus themselves. Russia wants to get rid of the label of a "bloodthirsty monster" and appear in the role of reconciler of the warring nations ", - said Gocha Guniava.

We should remind you that on December 5th a large gathering of Adygh public demanding separation of Kabardia from Balkaria took place in Nalchik. Kabardian leaders Musa Shanibov, Ibrahim Yagonov, Zaur Shukhov, Ruslan Keshev and others called on all Adygs to support this idea.

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