Kiknadze: Abkhazian elections will be decided by Armenian and Sukhumi votes
02/12/2009 14:52

None of the "presidential" candidates of the puppet regime in Abkhazia is conducting election campaign for residents of the Gali district, population of which almost entirely consists of Georgians. This was said in an interview with the newspaper "Resonansi" by Levan Kiknadze, the president "the Club of Experts". With election date of December 12th approaching he ruled out any interest on the part of the candidates in residents of Gali.

"After Sergei Bagapsh's attempt to amend the law on so-called "Citizenship", which would have provided an opportunity to vote without Abkhazian "passports" has failed, Bagapsh no longer focuses on the population of Gali, - said Kiknadze – neither other candidates are interested in Gali residents. Therefore, there is no sound of any campaign, nor are there any threats there. After all, only three thousand people have Abkhazian passports in Gali and these votes are not decisive. While, in the previous elections 20 thousand votes of Gali residents were registered in favour of Bagapsh.

The expert believes that "now decisive votes will be those of Sukhumi residents and ethnic Armenians". In addition, calculation is made on votes from Moscow and the North Caucasus". Levan Kiknadze agrees to a suggestion that the current head of the Sukhumi regime might not pass 50 % threshold, despite having advantage over other candidates. But for this to happen chief rivals of Sergei Bagapsh - former "vice president" Raul Khajimba and Beslan Butba, leader of the Party for Economic Development of Abkhazia - should consolidate their efforts.

In this case, the president of "the Club of Experts" predicts crisis in Abkhazia, and talks about possibility of power struggles with use of force. "If Khajimba and Butba join their efforts, the second round will happen and then the entire opposition join against Bagapsh, which can lead to a conflict", - said Kiknadze.

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