Guniava: dismemberment of the North Caucasus has started
02/12/2009 10:46

Process of dismemberment in the North Caucasus region has begun. That was an assessment of the processes in Kabardino-Balkaria given by Gocha Guniava of "the Club of Experts". He commented on the meeting organized by public organizations of Kabardino-Balkaria and held on November 26th where it was announced that on December 5th a large demonstration of Adyghe community demanding secession
of Kabardia from Balkaria. Kabardian leaders Musa Shanibov, Ibrahim Yaganov, Zamir Shukhov, Ruslan Keshev and others called on all Adygs of Russia to support this idea.

With this regard, Gocha Guniava stressed that "in 1992-1993 Musa Shanibov was actively assisting Abkhazian separatists, and, on the instructions of Russian security services was actively engaged in recruiting mercenaries and their transfer to the territory of Abkhazia." As to Ibrahim Yaganov, "he was directly involved in military actions that had been instigated by Russia against Georgia", - said the expert.

Guniava did not answer a question about objectives of dismemberment of the North Caucasian republics that are populated with various peoples and what forces are behind these processes. "At this stage we refrain from answering the question to avoid becoming a victim of information provocation of the Russian security services the ultimate goal of which is to cause confrontation, not only among the Caucasian peoples, but also between Georgia and the rest of the Caucasus" – said Guniava.

We should note that similar processes are happening in neighboring Karachay-Cherkessia. On November 26th this year, demonstration of Adyghs was held in Cherkessk where the protesters, along with other requirements, put forward a proposal to separate Cherkessia from Karachay and to restore its status as an independent autonomous region.

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