Hammarberg will attend trial of Tirdznisian teenagers
02/12/2009 10:55

Today in Tskhinvali a court trial will be held over four Georgian teenagers from a village of Tirdznisi of the Gori district who were detained by the Ossetian side on November 4th on charges of "illegally crossing" of so-called border and "illegal possession of explosives. " It is notable that Tskhinvali court will judge the children according to the Russian legislation.

OSCE Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg intends to attend the trial.

As Shida Kartli Governor Lado Vardzelashvili told journalists that Hammarberg was optimistic and advised to wait to see what would happen. Hammarberg also promised to take "other measures" in case if trial would take another turn.

Tskhinvali also plans to hold trial of six Georgian shepherds from Lamiskana who were abducted by Ossetians on August 31st. They are charged with "illegal crossing the border."

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