Kouchner talks about "precautions" when selling Mistral to Russia
01/12/2009 17:40

Official Paris continues to lean toward Russia, but also makes overtures to Tbilisi. French Foreign Minister said his country supports sale of helicopter carrier of Mistral class to Russia, but it intends to remain on the side of Georgia. Compliance with "these two lines" is necessary and the warship "that must be sold subject to a number of precautionary measures", - said Bernard Kouchner.

At that the head of the French Foreign Ministry said that the issue was outside its competence and the final decision on the sale of "Mistral" would be taken by the department of inter-ministerial commission for examining exports of defence equipment military equipment (CIEEMG).

Today French Foreign Minister called on OSCE to intensify efforts to resolve "frozen conflicts" in Europe. Speaking at OSCE Ministerial Council in Athens, Kouchner said that "OSCE's efforts during the recent events in Georgia have failed" and that Paris supports Moscow's initiative to create a new security system in Europe.

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