Kiknadze: Bagapsh is afraid of Khajimba
01/12/2009 17:19

Sergei Bagapsh involved the prosecutor's office into the so-called "Presidential" election marathon in Abkhazia - declared Levan Kiknadze, the president of "the Club of Experts". Kiknadze believes that a formal statement issued yesterday by the prosecutor's office of the puppet regime is nothing but an attempt of current authorities to exercise pressure on other candidates and to intimidate them.

We should note that on November 30th, the Prosecutor General's Office of Abkhazia warned candidates for the post of the "president" about inadmissibility of loud statements and accusations, saying that recurrence of such remarks on the part of representatives of election campaigns, or candidates themselves, as well as any attempt to destabilize situation in any way "will be resolutely stopped ... even going to the extent of institution of criminal proceedings against them".

"Involvement of the Public Prosecutor's Office in the election process in this way indicates that Bagapsh is having a very difficult time and is already resorting to prohibited methods and trying to force opponents to stop talking, - said Kiknadze - It turns out that outrage of the Prosecutors' Office was caused by the fact that at various meetings and press conferences Raul Khajimba promised that in case of his election as the "president" he would continue his fight against corruption, having no such possibility during Bagapsh's governance. And he accused the prosecutor's office that they "deeply buried criminal corruption cases ". That's where the problem lies and what Bagapsh is afraid of – Bagapsh who because of the "presidential" wreath has lost his sense of caution and has forgotten that Raul Khajimba is not only the former vice-president. He, despite everything, remains general of KGB, and if he comes to power, will be able to shed light on the dark dealings of Bagapsh and his close circle. Therefore, the statement of the prosecutor's office, instead of intimidation, will cause the opposite effect and responses from "presidential" candidates should be expected".

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