Bagapsh uses visits of Moscow guests for election campaign
01/12/2009 15:16

"The close circle of Bagapsh is trying its hardest to turn visits of senior Russian officials into one of the major components of the election campaign. His staff has no scruple in presenting these visits as acts of support for Bagapsh. This happened with a visit of Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov - and the same will happen with visits of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Ivanov and Russian Transport Minister Igor Levitin that are scheduled on December 2-3". Such evaluation was given by Levan Kiknadze, the president of "the Club of experts" to a statement made by the head of the Sukumi puppet regime in connection with the visit of Ivanov and Levitin in the occupied Abkhazia.

"The purpose of arrival of these people, says the "President" is to discuss not only investments in railway and air communications, but also the issue of construction of new road that will connect Severni Priut and Yuzhni Priut, as well as issue of the use of oil resources of the Black Sea. These really are good issues for the election campaign, but their feasibility depends on a number of impeding factors - stressed Kiknadze – "the Club of experts" wrote about this back then when Bagapsh spoke for the first time about these issues. Bagapsh should remember that if a road connecting Severni Priut and Yuzhni Priut is built then it will pass on the Kodori Valley".

"As to start of functioning of Sukhumi airport, Bagapsh has promised the public that at the beginning - before the International Civil Aviation Organization recognizes Abkhazia's airspace, flights will be carried out in the direction of Russian cities", - said the president of "the Club of Experts."

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