Maisuradze: accident on Russian submarine averted a grave peril for Georgia
01/12/2009 12:48

Grave peril threatening Georgia was averted by the accident on Russian submarine – says Gogi Maisuradze of the "Club of experts". When commenting on the incident with the submarine Alrosa, which occurred near the coast of Georgia, he said that the submarine with such tactical and technical characteristics could perform a variety of combat missions and was capable of arranging very dangerous provocations. Maisuradze believes that sending Alrosa to the coast of Georgia was also motivated by the desire to cause confrontation between Tbilisi and its foreign partners.

"It is possible that it was planned to land commandos using Alrosa to carry out attacks on objects of strategic importance, located on the coastal strip – said the expert - for example, oil terminals at Supsa and Batumi could have become such objects. In addition, Alrosa could have mined likely routes of ships in the direction of Abkhazia and Russia would have blamed Georgia in the subsequent crashes."

The representative of the "Club of experts" said that in case of revealing the involvement of Alrosa, those in charge of provocations hoped to cause deterioration of relations between Georgia and Ukraine. As it is territory of Ukraine where the Russian Black Sea Fleet is based and Ukraine-Russia agreement on deployment of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol prohibits entry of warships in the sea without the consent of Kiev. With this regard, Gogi Maisuradze said that Alrosa left the Bay of Sevastopol on the early hours of November 21st, secretly, in a submerged position, without notifying the Ukrainian side.

Diesel-electric submarine Alrosa with a hydrojet engine of Project 877V has a special sonar system, which ensures secrecy of submarine movements. The system virtually eliminates traces the submarine and minimizes the possibility of its detection. This type of submarine is called "the Black Hole" in the West. Submarine Alrosa has six 533-mm torpedo tubes. Armament consists of 18 torpedoes and 24 mines, as well as four Man-portable air-defense systems Igla. Submarine is capable to simultaneously monitor five goals, including two - in automatic mode. Operational depth of hold is 240 meters, maximum depth - 300 meters. Crew - 52 people. Displacement of Alrosa (surfaced/submerged) is 2300/2950 tons. The propulsion system consists of two diesel and electric motors of 5000 hp and 130 hp. Range - 400 miles submerged and 6000 miles with snorkel.

According to data gathered from Russian sources, propulsion system broke down on the submarine which is the only combat-ready Russian submarine in the Black Sea. But nobody knows what in reality happened on board of the submarine.

"A danger that Georgia could have been faced with, if not for the accident, which forced the crew of the submarine to signal" SOS ", can scarcely be overestimated, - said Gogi Maisuradze - Russian militaries encouraged by the Kremlin are so accustomed to act beyond the reasonable scope and devoid of any logic that they take no heed of either laws or moral and universal principles. It's been 20 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but their thinking has not changed a bit. On the contrary, imperial ambitions have only intensified, and the principle of "who is not with us is against us", now entirely dominates in Moscow."

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