Tskhinvali authorities concerned about large amount of weapons in population
15/01/2013 11:18

Tskhinvali puppet regime leader Leonid Tibilov expressed concern about large number of weapons, which are in possession of inhabitants of the occupied region of Georgia. Tibilov said this at this year's first extended meeting with heads of departments of the puppet regime.

At the meeting Tibilov drew attention of the head of the so-called ministry of internal affairs Akhsar Lavoev to chaotic shootings on New Year's Eve, and this despite repeated warnings.

"From now on every shooting will be assessed as an incident, and in each case law enforcement agencies will conduct a separate investigation," - said Tibilov.

Lavoev, for his part said that the shooting on New Year's night indicates presence of the large number of unregistered firearms in the population.

"Even under-age citizens have weapons. We gave the public time until March 1, after which the interior ministry will carry out raid actions to seize illegally held weapons, "- said the Lavoev.

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